Current issues in ZCS 8.6

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Current (Known) Issues in ZCS 8.6 Build 1153

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Bug 97994 Tab into body in Compose is inefficient - FIXED in ZCS 8.6 Patch 2 -

Tab into body in Compose is inefficient

When composing a new message, using the tab key should get one into the body text area fairly quickly.

What I'm seeing currently is that it takes something like 34 keyboard tabs to get to the body text area in HTML Compose, and it seems to never go there in ASCII/Text Compose. It seems to select many other fields/buttons first.

Bug 97797 Can't initiate Remote Wipe of device through AdminUI or Web Client.

If try to block some Applications in 8.6 in the Mobile Activesync Policy, looks like doesn't work, so I've tried to Wipe my devices and nothing happens: 1.- iPad Mini 2.- Android 4.4 in a VM environment 3.- iPhone 5

But when you click in the Wipe the Device, under Admin Console or in the user Web Client.

Bug 97304 Upgrading from 8.5.1 to 8.6 doesn't check the local proxy variables and it fails the upgrade.

When upgrading, the Script validates the license against If your Server is behind a proxy the upgrade script (and also the license activation itself) ignores the Proxy System Variable.

Bug 97232 Mac Outlook 2011 requires 3DES or RC4 ciphers

Outlook 2011 is unable to negotiate SSL/TLS, probably from disabling RC4 and/or other insecure ciphers With a workaround in the same Bug.

Bug 97031 zimbraCsrfTokenData cache inconsistency causes auth failure - FIXED in ZCS 8.6 Patch 1 -

Ajax/Advance ZWC getting a 500 error. The mailbox.log has statements like: SoapEngine - no valid authtoken present: cannot dispatch request

Bug 97213 IE can not be set to compatibility mode for Adv/Ajax ZWC

IE can not be set for compatibility mode when it interacts with ZCS 8.6 . Various signs of this are - warning about using an 'unsupported browser', blank emails when viewed or forwarded, login goes to the mobile or html/basic interface.

Bug 96991 Zimbra Desktop does not work with ZCS 8.6.0 with shipped version of JRE

ZD will be unable to connect to the ZCS 8.6 server, error will be something like "Remote host closed connection during handshake".

Bug 96123 User wants to be able to use "/" and quotes in task titles - FIXED in ZCS 8.6 Patch 1 -

User will be warned that task names can not have :

You'll get a pop-up box: Cannot save. you have errors that must be corrected: The subject cannot contain / (forward slash). "(double quote), or :(colon)

Tasks that were created in older ZCS versions that used those characters will prompt with that warning and force the user to rename when they are accessed in ZCS 8.6 .

Bug 95204 zmconfigd needs dualstack support

The general issue is that RHEL switched out the NC version to one that doesn't support fallback, causing some problems that weren't previously present.

Bug 84399 Installer license check should be done on any node [ldap master] in a multi-server environment

License is expired or cannot be upgraded.

When Upgrading from 8.5.1 or 8.5, or from 8.0.x users can see the next message:

   Validating existing license is not expired and qualifies for upgrade
   Error: License is expired or cannot be upgraded.
      Aborting upgrade

This error can be for the next reasons:

  • Check if you haven't exhausted the number of activation for the license.
  • Check if your support subscription is still valid. Send a email to with Questions about Licensing.

Possible Bug Issue Being Investigated Around Installer Check In ZCS 8.6

  • "Installer license check should be done on any node [ldap master] in a multi-server environment"

Archive And Crossmailbox Search Related Issues

These were filed against ZCS 8.6 testing.

After upgrading, we strongly recommend you confirm archiving is working. Bug 97473

Outlook Express handshake error

In Zimbra Collaboration 8.6, using as a Mail client Outlook Express, clients can receive the error about the CA, ca_unkown message, more info in the next Community Thread. This issue is related with the next Bug - Bug 97232

Voice extensions no longer available

Both the voice zimlets are no longer available in 8.5.

Please see [One resolved since 8.5, two still open] -

Bug 82346 - Define list of supported zimlets for 8.5
Bug 93620 - Reinstate voice extensions and zimlets removed from 8.5.0 GA 
Bug 95638 - Document removal of voice zimlets in 8.5
Verified Against: Zimbra Collaboration 8.6 Date Created: 05/05/2015
Article ID: Date Modified: 2015-09-08

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