Current issues in ZCS 8.6

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Current (Known) Issues in ZCS 8.6 Build 1153

Bug 97304

Upgrading from 8.5.1 to 8.6 doesn't check the local proxy variables and it fails the upgrade. When upgrading, the Script validates the license against If your Server is behind a proxy the upgrade script (and also the license activation itself) ignores the Proxy System Variable.

Bug 97232

Mac Outlook 2011 requires 3DES or RC4 ciphers Outlook 2011 is unable to negotiate SSL/TLS, probably from disabling RC4 and/or other insecure ciphers With a workaround in the same Bug.

Bug 97031

zimbraCsrfTokenData cache inconsistency causes auth failure Ajax/Advance ZWC getting a 500 error. The mailbox.log has statements like: SoapEngine - no valid authtoken present: cannot dispatch request

License is expired or cannot be upgraded

When Upgrading from 8.5.1 or 8.5, or from 8.0.x users can see the next message:

   Validating existing license is not expired and qualifies for upgrade
   Error: License is expired or cannot be upgraded.
      Aborting upgrade

This error can be for the next reasons:

  • Check if you haven't exhausted the number of activation for the license.
  • Check if your support subscription is still valid. Send a email to with Questions about Licensing.

Bug/RFE associated with this change:

Possible Bug Issue Being Investigated Around Installer Check In ZCS 8.6

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