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ZCS 7.0 Article ZCS 7.0

I manually created an "everyone" list on my 75-seat system, which required a lot of painstaking sifting through the list of users, some of whom aren't people.

Then I needed a second such list, with a couple of people removed, for weather announcements.

There's no easy way to do that on Zimbra.

So I wrote a script:

# copy a Zimbra distribution list's members to a newly created list
# final version with all the test scaffolding removed
# written Wed Sep  2 10:11:00 EDT 2009 by

# if we're not user 'zimbra', fix it
[ $USER = "zimbra" ] || exec su - zimbra -c "$0 $*"

# create the new list, first
zmprov cdl $NEW

# then add all the users.
zmprov gdl $OLD |
   grep 'zimbraMailForwardingAddress' |
   sed -e "s/zim.*ess:/adlm $NEW /" |

This works ok on my 5.0.18 system; YMMV. Hat tip to elgato for the push in the right direction. Great! Works a treat in 7.2.0

Verified Against: ZCS 5.0.x Date Created: 9/2/2009
Article ID: Date Modified: 2015-03-30

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