Cool User Spam Filters

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Where to create filters

Filters are created from the Options tab of your personal email account.

Mass Mail Filter

Move mail that has the word unsubscribe in in to a folder called PossibleSpam.

Note: you may want to have a filter before it that screens mass email that you have subscribed to. User mail filter Mass-Mail.jpg

Check against my Contact List

User mail filter that compares contacts in the email against people in your contacts list. If there is a match it makes sure they stay in your in box. This can help undo other settings that happen.

User mail filter Check My Contacts.jpg

Good Words

Move email back to the inbox, if email contains certain words, like names of organizations, or projects, stuff that spammers would not normally know.

User mail filter Good Words.jpg

Basic Spam Folder filter

Simply moves email with a subject line of PossibleSpam into a folder created by the user, called possible spam. The email server tags it with possible spam automatically, if spam filtering is enabled in Zimbra. See your system administrator if this is not the case.

User mail filter Basic Spam Folder.jpg

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