Changing ZCS Time Zones

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Time zones change when governments change daylight saving time policies. When a time zone changes, it is necessary to change the time zone settings in ZCS. This article discusses the tools used to change time zone settings in a deployed Zimbra Collaboration Suite server, and steps to use time zone tools.

If you are interested in reading more about how ZCS interacts with time zones from different sources, see Time Zones in ZCS.

ZCS Time Zone Tools

The following tools are used to define and change time zone settings in ZCS.


The timezones.ics file contains a list of well-known time zones. This file is a valid iCalendar (RFC2445) object containing a VTIMEZONE block for each time zone. It is located in /opt/zimbra/conf/.






zmtzupdate rule file

Example Rule File


Changing a ZCS Time Zone Setting

Use the following steps to change a ZCS time zone setting.

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