What is the NeedSME Tag/Category?

The NeedSME Tag/Category was created to catalog any Wiki/KB article that needs the approval process for the SME (Subject Expert Matter) team, and the Copyeditor team.

After pass the approval process, the Wiki/KB article will be tag like Certified, adding the Zimbra Certified badge.

How to mark a Wiki/KB article like need SME?

To add a Wiki article to the SME review queue, just add the {{NeedSME}} tag in the bottom of the article, once the SME will be reviewing the articles, the {{NeedSME}} tag will be updated.

How a Wiki/KB article becomes Zimbra Certified?

After the Wiki/KB article is distributed to the KB DL, the SME will need to review the article when they have time, and give their opinions replying to the KB notification email, and updating the Wiki article.

To make a Wiki/KB article Zimbra Certified, we need the OK from the 2 or more of SME group. Also the Copyeditor team can do their work improving the language skills in the Wiki articles.

Updating a Zimbra Certified Wiki/KB article

The process for updating a Certified Wiki/KB articles is different. In this case, just send an email to and the Documentation Team will handle the update of the KB article, prioritizing it according to need.

If you have a account, you can also edit the Wiki/KB article, adding the {{WIP}} tag in the top of the article, once the SME review the change, we can remove the {{WIP}} tag.

Updating article with new Release information

The Documentation Team will handle the review of the Wiki/KB articles with new Zimbra updates.

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