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Zimbra 6.0 supports the CardDAV standard. Supported clients are Apple Address Book, Sunbird, and others. Connectivity is supported with or without a ZCS reverse proxy server.

Configuring CardDAV

Apple Address Book for OS X 10.6 (Snow Leopard)

  1. Address Book -> Preferences -> Accounts
  2. Click the "+" to add a new account.
  3. Configure account details
    • Account type: CardDAV
    • User name: your_zcs_useraccount@domain.tld
    • Password: zcsUserAccountPassword
    • Server address: zcsserver.domain.tld:port
      Be sure to include the port specification when configuring Apple AB to ensure the account is setup correctly. Use 443 if your ZCS server supports the default HTTPS port. Otherwise, specify 80 if your server does not support HTTPS and listens for HTTP on the default port 80.
  4. Click Create.
    An error may display after configuring account details that states:
    Address Book couldn't discover the account settings for the CardDAV server "zcsserver.domain.tld:port". Make sure the user name and server address are correct, then click Create.
    If you receive this error, check the settings with your ZCS server administrator and try again.
  5. Close AB preferences.

Apple Address Book is now setup for CardDAV to your Zimbra server.

References and Resources

Please update this page if you have information on configuring other clients.

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