Cannot save Outlook account settings

Cannot save Outlook account settings


Cannot save Outlook account settings

Setup: Windows 10
Outlook 2013, 2016
ZCO v8.6
AD or Possibly Samba PDC

When configuring ZCO/Outlook account information you may see the following errors:


"You can not save any changes. The path to store the files ZDB not specified or is not accessible. If you have selected the storage of ZDB files in a folder outside, be sure to specify the correct path to that folder."
"You can not save any changes. impossible to complete the action."


Sometimes Outlook has problems, when configured through AD or Samba domains, saving locally. In order to allow saving local settings, please try the following registry edit:

Create or set a new registry DWORD value, named ProtectionPolicy, value 1, to enable local backup of the MasterKey instead of requiring a RWDC in the following registry subkey:


Once you update that registry key, try re-configuring your Zimbra profile

Submitted by: Michael Cotter

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