CLI zmvolume

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This command can be used to manage storage volumes from the CLI. Volumes can be easily managed from the administration console, Server, Volume tab.


zmvolume --add --name <message volume> --type <primaryMessage> --path /<data/ msgvol>


Long Name

Long Name Second Attribute

Short Name




Adds a volume

--name <arg>


Volume name

--type <arg>


Type of volume, primaryMessage, secondaryMessage, or index. SecondaryMessage is used only when the Network Edition, HSM feature is enabled.

--path <arg>


File system root path of the volume

--compress <arg>


Compress blobs, “true” or “false”. The default is “false.”
True means that message blobs whose size are above the compression threshold are compressed.

-- compressionThre shold <arg>


Compression threshold size is specified in bytes. The default is 4KB



Edits a volume. Any of the options listed under --add can also be specified to have its volume modified.

--id <arg>


Volume ID



Deletes a volume

--id <arg>


Volume ID



Lists volumes

--id <arg>


ID is optional. If it is specified, just that volume is listed. If not, all volumes are displayed.



Displays the current volumes



Sets the volume specified by --id to be the current volume of its volume type.


--id <arg>


Volume ID



Turns off the current secondary message volume. After this command completes, no current secondary volume is enabled.

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