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Prior to 4.5.4: zmtrainsa <server> <user> <pass> <spam|ham>
Prior to 4.5.4: zmtrainsa <server> <user> <pass> <spam|ham>
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This command is used to train the anti-spam filter; it is run automatically every night (on the spam.random@domain.com & ham.random@domain.com accounts) to train the SpamAssasin filter from messages users mark as “junk” or “not junk” from their mailbox. See Zimbra_MTA#Anti-Spam_Training_Filters for a longer description

You need at least 200 spam & 200 not-spam to enable the bayes filter.

You can use this command to manually send one account’s mail through the spam filter.


zmtrainsa <server> <user> <spam|ham> [folder]

Description & Notes

-Fetches the mail from <user> from <server> and trains the filter as either spam or ham <spam|ham>.

-If a folder is not defined, the contents of the Inbox is fetched.

-Server name may be required if in a multi-server install.

As of 4.5.6 the user's password is no longer needed:

 su zimbra
 /opt/zimbra/bin/zmtrainsa user@domain.com spam|ham folderName

(I do not remember if 4.5.5 actually got the no password required RFE before it was verified in 4.5.6 but it was relatively easy because zmspamextract (which used by zmtrainsa) already supported extracting messages from users' folders with admin auth credentials.

Prior to 4.5.4: zmtrainsa <server> <user> <pass> <spam|ham>

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