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(Network Edition only)

This command is used to schedule backups and add the command to your cron table.

The default schedule is as follows:

Full backup, every Sunday at 1:00 a.m. (0 1 * * 0)

Incremental backup, Monday through Saturday at 1:00 a.m. (0 1 * * 1-6)

Each crontab entry is a single line composed of five fields separated by a blank space. Specify the fields as follows:

minute 0 through 59

hour 0 through 23

day of month 1 through 31

month 1 through 12

day of week 0 through 7 (0 or 7 is Sunday)

Type an asterisk (*) in the fields you are not using.

This command automatically writes the schedule to the crontab.


zmschedulebackup [-q]|-s|-A|-R|-F|-D] [schedule] [schedule...]



Command Name



Incremental backup.


full backup.

Common Options



Default command, displays the existing Zimbra backup schedule.



Save the schedule. Allows you to save the schedule command to a text file so that you can quickly regenerate the backup schedule when the system is restored.



Removes the current schedule and cancels all scheduled backups.



Adds an additional specified backup to the current schedule.



Replaces the current schedule with the specified schedule.



Replaces the current schedule with the default schedule.


- h

Displays the usage options for this command.


To schedule the default full and incremental backup

zmschedulebackup [-D ]

To replace the existing schedule with a new schedule

zmschedulebackup -R f [schedule] [schedule]

To add an additional full backup to the existing schedule

zmschedulebackup -A f [schedule]

To add an additional incremental backup to the existing schedule

zmschedulebackup -A i [schedule]

To display the existing schedules a

zmschedulebackup -q

To display the schedules on one line as a command, so that they can be copied to a text file and saved to be used if the application needs to be restored.

zmschedulebackup -s

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