CLI zmrestore restoreToTime Network Edition only

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More on zmrestore can be found at CLI_zmrestore_Network_Edition_only

--restoreToTime replays redo log sequences until time specified

When using this command please use the -lb argument to specify a full backup that took place prior to the time you wish to restore to.

zmbackup -a --restoreToTime <arg> -lb full-200xxxxxx

You can specify an exact time, the incremental backup label, or the redo log sequence to restore to. Restore stops at the earliest possible point in time if more than one point in time restore options are specified.

Two common ways to write the <arg> are:

YYYY/MM/DD hh:mm:ss


Specify date/time in one of these formats:

2006/08/02 16:55:05 268

2006/08/02 16:55:05





Note: After performing the following point-in-time restore, you should run a complete backup for those accounts to avoid future restore problems with those accounts.


Tip: A good way to test what your restore is going to look like is to restore to a new target account where a prefix is prepended to the original account names:

zmbackup -a --restoreToTime <arg> -lb full-200xxxxxx -ca -pre restored_

In this case a new account is created named (you could then grab out the material you want, imapsync, or choose to run the command without the new target/test account).

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