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(Network Edition only)

This tool performs full restores and incremental restores for a designated mail host. You can either specify specific accounts, or, if no accounts are specified, all accounts are in the backup are restored.

This utility has short option names and full names. The short option is preceded by a single dash, the full option is proceeded by a double dash. For example, -rb is the same as --restorefullBackupOnly.


zmrestore {-f | -i} -a (account) <options>


Long Name

Short Name


--label <arg>


The label of the full backup to restore. Restores to the latest full backup if this is omitted.

--restorefullBackup Only


Restores to the full backup only, not any incremental backups since that backup.



Restores the account in directory service.



<prefix> The prefix to pre-pend to the original account names.



Restores global tables and local config.



Restores accounts to new target accounts whose names are pre-pended with <prefix>.

--backedupRedolog Only


Replays the redo logs in backup only, which excludes archived and current redo logs of the system.



Continue to restore other accounts when an error occurs.



Specifies the account email addresses. Separate accounts with a blank space or Type all to restore all accounts.

Common Options



Mail server host name. For format, use either the plain host name or the name. The default is the localhost name.



Specifies the backup target location. The default is <zimbra_home>/backup.



Displays the usage options for this command.


Perform complete restore of all accounts on server1, including last full backup and any incremental backups since last full backup.

zmrestore -acct all -s

Perform restore only to last full backup, excluding incremental backups since then, for all accounts on server1.

zmbackup -rf -acct all -s

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