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zmmboxsearch (Cross mailbox search)

zmmboxsearch is the CLI command used to search across mailboxes. You can search across mailboxes to find messages and attachments that match specific criteria and save copies of these messages to a directory.


zmmboxsearch -q <querystring}> -m <mailboxids> -s <server> [-d directory]


Long Name

Short Name


--dir (optional)


<arg> Directory to write the messages to. If none is specified, then only the headers are fetched. Files names are generated in the form RESULTNUM_ACCOUNT-ID_ MAILITEMID.

--limit (optional)


Sets the limit for the number of results returned. The default is 25.



<arg> Comma-separated list of mailboxes to search. UIDs or email-address or /SERVER/MAILBOXID or *.

--offset (optional)


<arg> Specify where the hit list should start. The default is 0.



<arg> The query string for the search.



<arg> Mail server hostname. default is the localhost.

--verbose (optional)


Request that the status message print while the search is being executed.


The following example is to do a cross-mailbox search in the inbox folder of two different mailboxes on the specified server and put a copy of the message in to the specified directory.

zmmboxsearch -q “in:inbox” -m user1@yourdomain.com,user2@yourdomain.com -d / var/tmp

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