CLI zmmailboxmove Network Edition only

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zmmailboxmove (Move Mailbox)

(Network Edition only)

This command is used to move a mailbox from one Zimbra server to another. Mailboxes can be moved between Zimbra servers that share the same LDAP server. All the files are copied to the new server and LDAP is updated. After the mailbox is moved to a new server, a copy still remains on the older server, but the status of old mailbox is closed. Users cannot log on and mail is not delivered. You should check to see that all the mailbox contents were moved successfully before purging the old mailbox.


To move a mailbox to a new server, type

zmmailboxmove -a <email@address> -ow -s <servername> -t <movetoservername>

To purge the mailbox from the old server, type

zmmailboxmove -a <email@address) -po.

The mailbox and its contents and references are deleted from the server.


Long Name

Short Name


--account <arg>


Email address of account to move.



Overwrite target mailbox, if it exists.



Purge old mailbox on previous server. After a mailbox has been successfully moved to a new server, perform purgeOld to remove the mailbox and its contents from the previous server.

--server <arg>


Server where the --account mailbox is located. Mail server hostname. The default is the localhost.

--targetServer <arg>


Server where mailbox is moved to.

-t and -po options are mutually exclusive. Use -t option to move a mailbox from the current server to the new server specified by the option. If -ow is specified, when a mailbox already exists for the target server, it is overwritten. After successfully moving the mailbox, use -po option to purge the old mailbox on the original server.

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