CLI zmlocalconfig (Local Configuration)

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CLI zmlocalconfig (Local Configuration)

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For the most recent information on this CLI, including syntax and description, see ZCS Administrator's Guide Network Edition > Appendix A Command-Line Utilities. For the most recent commonly configured settings, see ZCS Administrator's Guide Network Edition > Appendix C The zmlocalconfig Settings

ZCS 6.0.x

  • Bug 25456 - Beginning in ZCS 6.0, zmcluctl now supports hardware only failover with Redhat Cluster Manager. CLI is zmlocalconfig – e zimbra_cluster_mode=hardware.
  • Bug 31413 - Beginning in ZCS 6.0, you can now change the default MTA value for the bounce_queue_lifetime parameter through zmlocalconfig. The default is 5-day bounce lifetime.
  • Bug 31510 - New installs of ZCS will limit spam/ham cleanup to the first MTA installed. zmlocalconfig -e zmtrainsa cleanup_host=TRUE can be set to allow additional hosts to run zmtrainsa --cleanup. At least one host should have this set to true.
  • Bug 36598 - New values have been appended to the mailboxd_java_options attribute in localconfig. These options enable Zimbra to debug issues related to GC activites.
    • -verbose:gc
    • -XX:+PrintGCDetails
    • -XX:+PrintGCTimeStamps
    • -XX:+PrintGCApplicationStoppedTime


This command is used to set or get the local configuration for a zimbra server.


zmlocalconfig [options]

Note: Execution of 'zmlocalconfig' without argument shows present Zimbra configuration parameters and values. To see the local config, type:



Long Name Short Name Description
--config -c <arg> File in which the configuration is stored
--default -d Show default values for keys listed in [args]
--edit -e Edit the configuration file, change keys and values specified. The [args] is in the key=value form.
--force -f Edit the keys whose change is known to be potentially dangerous
--help -h Shows the help for the usage options for this tool
--info -i Shows the documentation for the keys listed in [args]
--format -m <arg> Shows the values in one of these formats: plain (default), xml, shell, nokey.
--changed -n Shows the values for only those keys listed in the [args] that have been changed from their defaults
--path -p Shows which configuration file will be used
--quiet -q Suppress logging
--random -r This option is used with the edit option. Specified key is set to a random password string.
--show -s Forces the display of the password strings
--unset -u Remove a configuration key. If this is a key with compiled-in defaults, set its value to the empty string.
--expand -x Expand values


For examples of zmlocalconfig, see ZCS Administrator's Guide Network Edition > Appendix C The zmlocalconfig Settings.

ZCS 5.0

ZCS 4.5

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