CLI zmlocalconfig (Local Configuration)

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zmlocalconfig (Local Configuration)

This command is used to set or get the local configuration for a Zimbra server.


zmlocalconfig [options] [args]

To see the local config type zmlocalconfig


Long Name

Short Name


--config <arg>


File in which the configuration is stored.



The default values for the keys listedin [args} is listed.



Edit the configuration file, change keys and values specified. the [args] is in the key=value form.



Edit the keys whose change is known to be potentially dangerous.



Shows the help for the usage options for this tool.



Shows the documentation for the keys listed in [args].

--format <arg>


Shows the values in one of these formats: plain (default), xml, shell, nokey.



Shows the values for only those keys listed in the [args] that have been changed from their defaults.



Shows which configuration file will be used.



This option is used with the edit option. Specified key is set to a random password string.



Forces the display of the password strings.



Expand values.

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