CLI zmhsm Network Edition only

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(Network Edition only)

This command is to start, stop (abort), and see the status of a HSM session. The threshold for when messages are moved to a storage volume is configured from the administration console, Servers>Volume tab.


zmhsm {abort|start|status} {server} <name>


Long Name

Short Name




Aborts the current HSM session.If all the messages in a mailbox being processed were not moved before you clicked Abort, no messages from that mailbox are moved from the primary volume. Messages for mailboxes that have completed the move to the secondary volume are not moved back to the primary volume.



Shows the help for the usage options for this tool.

--server <arg>


The mail server host name. The default is the localhost [args].



Manually starts the HSM process.



The status of the last HSM session is displayed.

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