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(Network Edition only)

This tool performs full backups and incremental backups for a designated mail host. You can either specify specific accounts, or, if no accounts are specified, all accounts are included.

This utility has short option names and full names. The short option is preceded by a single dash, the full option is proceeded by a double dash. For example, -fb is the same as --fullBackup.


One of -f, -i, or -del must be specified.

zmbackup {-f | -i | del} -acct (account) [options]


Long Name

Short Name




Starts a full backup.

-- incrementalBackup


Starts an incremental backup.



Specifies the account email addresses. Separate accounts with a blank space. Enter all to backup all accounts. Required.



< label|date > Deletes the backup session on or prior to the specified label/date.

Common Options



Starts full backup.



Starts incremental backup.



<arg> Mail server host name. For format, use either the plain host name or the name. The default is the localhost name.



Runs full backup synchronously.



<arg> Specifics the target backup location. The default is <zimbra_home>/backup.



Zips email blobs in backup.



Displays the usage options for this command.


In these examples, the server (-s) is The (-t) is not required if the target is the default directory, (zimbra_home/backup).

Perform a full backup of all mailboxes on server1.

zmbackup -f -a all -s

Perform incremental backup of all mailboxes on server1 since last full backup.

zmbackup -i -a all -s

Perform full backup of only user1’s mailbox on server1. Note that hostname does not need full domain if account is used.

zmbackup -f -s server1 -a

Perform incremental backup of user1’s mailbox on server1.

zmbackup -i -s server1 -a

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