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# REDIRECT [[Building_Zimbra_using_Git]]
==General Information==
Building Zimbra Collaboration Suite from Zimbra's Perforce cache requires advanced knowledge of troubleshooting. It is not available for the Network Edition (or Network Edition components). Changes cannot be committed to the Perforce cache.
By building Zimbra, you agree to Zimbra's licensing terms which can be found here.
Technical support for source building can be found in the Zimbra Developers forum.
==Building Zimbra Collaboration Suite: "main" (Currently 5.0)==
Main is considered the latest "cutting edge/nightly" build of Zimbra Collaboration Suite.
Building against "main" may not always be successful, as it changes quite frequently.
[[Building main on CentOS 4.4]]
[[Building main on CentOS 5]]
[[Building main on RedHat Enterprise Linux 4.4]]
[[Building main on RedHat Enterprise Linux 5]]
[[Building main on Gentoo]]
[[Building main on Ubuntu 6.06LTS]]
[[Building main on Ubuntu 7.10]]
[[Building main on Fedora Core 7]]
[[Building main on Fedora Core 8]]
==Building Zimbra Collaboration Suite: "FRANKLIN" (Currently 5.0)==
See Building Zimbra Collaboration Suite: "main"
==Building Zimbra Collaboration Suite: "FRANK" (Currently 4.5.10)==
Frank is the latest 4.5 series release.
[[Building on CentOS 4.4]]
[[Building on CentOS 5]]
[[Building on RedHat Enterprise Linux 4.4]]
[[Building on RedHat Enterprise Linux 5]]
[[Building on Gentoo]]
[[Building on Ubuntu 6.06LTS]]
[[Building on Ubuntu 7.10]]
[[Building on Fedora Core 7]]
[[Building on Fedora Core 8]]
==Building Zimbra Desktop==
[[Building on Linux]]
[[Building on Windows (win32)]]
[[Building on Macintosh (OS 10.4.6+)]]
==Building Older Versions==
The source for older versions can be found at SourceForge.

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