Building Zimbra on Fedora Core 5 and x86 64

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Unfortuntily the standard zimbra documentation is way out of date. As I hit issues with this, I will update this page and the documetation below.

Check the source code out:

  cvs -z6 -d co main

--- Building the Web Server for Zimlets. Zimbra uses a httpd instance for Zimlets and the spell checker. Apache 2.0.54 is used for this. Zimbra documentation has a tendency to be wrong about versions, so check the makefile carefully for whatever version the software is currently expecting.

_Zimbra Folks... Would it be possible to put up a copy of the ThirdParty stuff uncompiled? You loose a lot of time just digging for the software_

Build the web server:

  cd main/ThirdParty/apache-httpd
  sudo make
The final output should look like:
  (cd /opt/zimbra; tar czf \
  /home/Projects/Source/Zimbra/main/ThirdParty/apache-httpd/builds/UNKNOWN/httpd-2.0.54.tgz \
  chmod -R a+w \
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