Building ZimbraME

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Syncing Source

Building_Zimbra_using_Perforce Grab ZimbraME from FRANKLIN or main: Franklin_README

Installing Zimbra

If you're a developer, then you an deploy-war Zimbra. Be sure you have JDK set up. The easier route is to install the Zimbra distribution, then build as Zimbra user.


Getting mpowerplayer

mpp-sdk for Mac OS X ( M PowerPlayer SDK provides CLDC and MIDP libraries, and an emulator.

Installing mmpowerplayer

Once the file has been downloaded, unzip and move to:


Note: If compiling as Zimbra, be sure to give Zimbra r/w privs to the directory.

Sun Java Wireless Toolkit

Getting the Sun Java Wireless Toolkit

Sun Java Wireless Toolkit for Windows and Linux (

   Libraries and an emulator for Windows and Linux.

Installing the Sun Java Wireless Toolkit

Once the file has been downloaded, you may need to make executable

chmod +x sun_java_wireless_toolkit-2_x_x-linux.bin

Run the installer:


Note: While running the installer, you may receive an alert:

No suitable Java interpreter was detected

If you receive this error, please check to make sure you have installed java. If running as the Zimbra user, the location is usually /opt/zimbra/java. If running in a dev environment, enter the location of java.

When the installer asks for the directory to isntall, the directory should be:


The installer may ask to check for updates. It is your choice as to whether you wish to utilize this feature.

The isntaller will then display the installation settings:

Setup has enough information to start copying the program files.
Current Settings:
Destination Directory
JVM Folder
Check for Program Updates

When ready, press "0" to begin copying files.

BlackBerry (RIM) JDE)

BlackBerry JDE v4.2 (

   JDE is needed for BlackBerry builds.  JDE is available as Windows
   executable only.  For OS X and Linux, you would need an access to
   a Windows machine to extract the files first.

BlackBerry JDE should be copied to:


J2ME Polish

We will only be installing J2ME Polish for build purposes. If you wish to do development work, you may wish to take a closer look at it

Getting J2ME Polish

Installing J2ME Polish

The J2ME Polish installer must be run in X11. Running the installer from the command line will give a:

No X11 DISPLAY variable was set, but this program performed an operation which requires it.

To run the installer, start X11, then run(replace with your version number):

java -jar j2mepolish-2.0.2.jar

When proceeding through the installer, specify the installation location as:


Specify the Wireless Toolkit Location (WTK or wtk.home) as:


Specify the location of mmpowerplayer when asked for "Paths to Emulators, SDKs and IDEs:

The mmpowerhome (mpp.home) is /opt/zimbra/mpp-sdk

The rest may be left blank. If you have other emulators, you may specify them now.

If you have installed BackBerry JDE, then be sure to specify the location:


Select the packages to install. The default is fine. Click next until finished.

The following libraries are required to build ZimbraME.

J2ME-Polish 2.0.1 (

   Please check out the licensing detail at
   You will need a commercial license to build and distribute ZimbraME.

java -jar j2mepolish-2.0.2.jar

The libraries need to be installed or linked to /opt/zimbra, such as

/opt/zimbra/J2ME-Polish /opt/zimbra/mpp-sdk /opt/zimbra/jde/BlackBerry JDE Component Package 4.2.0

You can also adjust the path in build.xml and .classpath to match the installed location on your machine.

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