Building IRONMAIDEN 8.0.3 on FreeBSD 9.1 amd64

Revision as of 11:28, 7 May 2013 by Solko (talk | contribs)

building is not for everyone.

install FreeBSD-9_amd64 (any 9.x release should work). fetch sources via perforce. fetch the patch. apply the patch.

get build dependencies automagically or build yourself. i prefer the first one:

setenv PACKAGEROOT && \
  pkg_add -r zimbra-builddeps-8.0.3

zimbra-pkg-proxy transparently forwards requests to for missing packages. by default, only zimbra-*deps are present, all other packages are missing. which is kinda neat.

go to your patched zimbra source and run the build process:

cd ZimbraBuild && \
  ./ -t

it should detect FreeBSD and automagically install all the required stuff (if you select 'yes' that is). because noone ever follows howto's, right?

--Solko (talk) 04:28, 7 May 2013 (PDT)

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