Building FRANKLIN on RedHat Enterprise Linux 4

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Preparing Your System

Required time to compile: 2 Hours Min, may vary depending on CPU/Disk speed as well as network bandwidth.

Zimbra runs many components, and it is important that any components you currently have installed do not conflict with Zimbra components.


Please make sure that the necessary ports for Zimbra components are available for binding. A full list of ports that Zimbra may bind to can be found here


You should have already installed the dependencies for building on RedHat. You can find these in the ReadMe file.

Building Third Party

Once you have followed the ReadMe located here we must now build the third party components. Third party components must be built before ZCS is built.

cd /home/public/p4/zcs/FRANKLIN/ThirdParty

The build process can take quite a while. If a specific component fails, the script will continue to build the third party components. You should monitor the build process for errors. You can do this by tailing the build log:

tail -f /tmp/ThirdParty.make.log

If a component fails, you should stop the build, and fix the error, then rebuild. See troubleshooting for more help.

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