Building FRANKLIN on CentOS 5

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Building Zimbra on any platform is really complex: there are many variables and places where things can go wrong.

Getting the source

There are two main ways to getting the Zimbra sources:

To download official Zimbra sources, first get proprietary Perforce client (free) from Next create a temporary directory for the sources

   $ mkdir /home/username/temp

Next do some linking to work around p4's default behaviour:

   $ ln -s /home/username/temp /home/public

Then export some P4-related environment variables and do a full resync. This is required, because p4 is a proprietary program and it can't track changes for the public account.

   $ export P4EDITOR=nano
   $ export
   $ p4 -u public -P public1234 -c public-view sync -f //depot/zcs/FRANKLIN/...

Perforce should now start downloading the source code.

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