BlackBerry Cradle Sync Instructions

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Cradle syncing a BlackBerry device to ZCS for Calendar, Contacts and Tasks

This article describes how to use BlackBerry Desktop Manager to cradle your BlackBerry device and ZCS for Calendars, Contacts, and Tasks.

This information is based on installing the latest version of BlackBerry Desktop Manager on your computer. (As of April 2007, the latest version is 4.2).

Why install the Desktop Redirector

Even though the Desktop Redirector is used only for redirecting email messages, the Desktop Redirector must be installed initially to properly configure the Desktop Manager to cradle sync Calendar, Contacts, and Tasks. If the Redirector is not installed, the Desktop Manager exits when you select a Zimbra profile for synchronization.

Note: After the BlackBerry Desktop Manager is configured to cradle sync with ZCS, you can permanently remove the Desktop Redirector.

General Comment: There is an issue with the Desktop Redirector –it cannot really start up. Its status is “Verifying Forwarding Address.” This is not a Zimbra specific problem. Everyone seems to have this problem with the Redirector. Some say the problem is the MAPI profile, although the same thing happens with the Exchange profile. A number of solutions to this problem are mentioned on the BlackBerry forums. Unfortunately these solutions do not help. Many people have recommended the BlackBerry Mail Connector as an alternative to the Desktop Redirector. Zimbra has not tried desktop sync with the BlackBerry Mail Connector.

Recommendations for configuring BlackBerry Desktop Manager

To sync with ZCS, when you install BlackBerry Desktop Manager and choose to setup up a Typical installation, Zimbra recommends these configuration choices. • On the Integration Options page, select BlackBerry Enterprise Server or BlackBerry Desktop Redirector. • On the Choose Messaging System page, check Microsoft Exchange. • On the Message Redirection page, select either option. As stated above, the Redirector does not start up but needs to be installed.

After the Desktop Manager is installed, you are instructed to use the Connection Settings dialog under the Options menu to specify your communication Settings. Click Detect to detect the PIN. You will see the following message:

In order for message redirection to function properly, a new encryption key will have to be generated.

The encryption key is necessary for the Desktop Redirector. If you only want to sync your Calendar, Contacts, and Tasks, you do not need to generate this encryption key.

If you do not remove the Desktop Redirector, you may want to uncheck the box that says Disable message redirection while your device is connected.

To sync ZCS Calendar, Contacts and Tasks

  1. In the BlackBerry Desktop Manager, double click Synchronize.
  2. On the Configuration tab, click Configure Synch…
  3. For each application to be synced (Calendar, Tasks, Contacts), click Choose. Then
    1. Select Microsoft Outlook.
    2. On the next page, click Options.
    3. Select the desired Zimbra profile from the User Profile drop-down list.
  4. Go to the Synchronize tab and check Synchronize organizer data.
  5. Click Synchronize Now.
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