Backing up and restoring Zimbra (Open Source Version)

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If you wish to have a more automated backup feature, you should try the [Network Version of Zimbra.]

Backing Up

It is always good practice to backup your copy of Zimbra in the event of unforeseen circumstances. Since all of the components to operate Zimbra are stored in the Zimbra folder itself, you can simply copy the folder and past it at another location.

You may want to use: >su zimbra >zmcontrol stop

to prevent changes to any Zimbra databases during the copy processes. If you get some kind of error, you may want to make sure that Zimbra has completly stopped by running: >ps auxww | grep zimbra and kill any left over processes such as the log.

Copy Command: cp -r /opt/zimbra [location path] WARNING: Make sure that the copy location has enough space to support your backup copy (ie the tmp folder probably isn't the best locaiton).

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