BES set to use the local contacts list instead of the GAL

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After an upgrade of BES or Windows Update, Outlook may be set to use local contacts for address resolution instead of GAL.

Error from BES MAGT log:

[40210] (05/21 00:01:57.843):{0x8D0} MAPIMailbox::MAPIMailbox(2) - ResolveName[1] failed for DisplayName='John Smith', trying method #2

[40210] (05/21 00:01:57.843):{0x17C4} Failed to Resolve Name in ScanGAL. user: John Smith, hResult: <8004010f>

[40210] (05/21 00:01:57.859):{0x17C4} Failed to Resolve Name in ScanGAL. user: Jane Smith, hResult: <8004010f>

Steps to resolve this issue

  • Stop BB controller.
  • Open up ‘BlackBerryServer’ profile with Outlook.
  • Hit CTRL+SHIFT+B to open up address book dialog.
  • Choose ‘Global Address List’ in combo box and check if GAL is already populated.
  • If GAL is not populated, please force GAL sync using the button on zcb logging control. (/Start/Run/zcologctl)
  • If GAL is populated, it is possible that GAL is not set for resolution.
  • Please go to Tools->Options->Switch to the list box titled ‘When sending mail, check names …’ -> add GAL to the list if it is not there already.
  • To check if GAL resolution is working, please try to open new ‘compose mail’ dialog, type one of the names that is present in the GAL in edit box located in front of ‘To’ button and then hit CTRL+K
  • Outlook should underscore the name confirming that it was resolved.
  • Sync in BES should start function properly once you will confirm that names can be resolved successfully in Outlook as described above.

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Article ID: Date Modified: 2009-12-23

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