BES Sever And Administration Issues

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BES Sever And Administration Issues

BES Sever And Administration Issues Homepage

Please see BES_Sever_And_Administration_Issues

BES Set To Use The local Contacts List Instead Of The GAL

After an upgrade of BES, Outlook may be set to use local contacts for address resolution instead of GAL.

Error from BES MAGT log:

[40210] (05/21 00:01:57.843):{0x17C4} Failed to Resolve Name in ScanGAL. user: John Smith, hResult: <8004010f>

[40210] (05/21 00:01:57.859):{0x17C4} Failed to Resolve Name in ScanGAL. user: Jane Smith, hResult: <8004010f>

BES set to use the local contacts list instead of the GAL Steps to change Address Book resolution to use GAL

Performing A SOFT Reset On The BlackBerry Device

Performing a soft reset stops all applications on the BlackBerry device by pressing the ALT+RIGHT SHIFT(CAP)+DELETE keys. A soft reset re-establishes communication between the BlackBerry device and the computer.

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Article ID: Date Modified: 2010-12-22

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