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==BES Sever And Administration Issues==
==BES Sever And Administration Issues==
The following wiki describes the most common issues that BES administrators run into either with installing or managing their BES server.

===BES Sever And Administration Issues Homepage===
===BES Sever And Administration Issues Homepage===

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BES Sever And Administration Issues

The following wiki describes the most common issues that BES administrators run into either with installing or managing their BES server.

BES Sever And Administration Issues Homepage

Please see BES_Sever_And_Administration_Issues

BES Set To Use The local Contacts List Instead Of The GAL

After an upgrade of BES, Outlook may be set to use local contacts for address resolution instead of GAL.

Error from BES MAGT log:

[40210] (05/21 00:01:57.843):{0x17C4} Failed to Resolve Name in ScanGAL. user: John Smith, hResult: <8004010f>

[40210] (05/21 00:01:57.859):{0x17C4} Failed to Resolve Name in ScanGAL. user: Jane Smith, hResult: <8004010f>

BES set to use the local contacts list instead of the GAL Steps to change Address Book resolution to use GAL

Performing A SOFT Reset On The BlackBerry Device

Performing a soft reset stops all applications on the BlackBerry device by pressing the ALT+RIGHT SHIFT(CAP)+DELETE keys. A soft reset re-establishes communication between the BlackBerry device and the computer.

User Doesn't Activate - Request Timed Out

After installing BES, you are able to provision the user but the user doesn't activate and you receive the following error message within the #.MAGT.#.log

16-12-2010 14:43:45.705 [4736]: *17* ERROR: Zimbra::Rpc::Connection::SendRequest - failed on 
   WinHttpReceiveResponse(...), Error Code: 12002
16-12-2010 14:43:45.705 [4736]: Zimbra::Store::CWaitRequest::WaitRequestThread. RPC Exception
    - SendRequest failed with Error 0x2ee2. Desc The request has timed out.

Issues to check:

  1. The BlackBerryServer and BlackBerryServer_MailStoreProfile profiles access the besadmin account using port 7071. But when provisioning the accounts the besadmin will log into each account on port 443 using the hostname provided by the mailbox server. The above error will occur when the system is unable to log into the account on port 443.
    • The best way to test if the BESAdmin account is able to access the user's mailbox is by logging into the besadmin account in the administrator client on the BES server (, locate a user that you have provision and attempt to view the mailbox by selecting "View Mail". This should access the mailbox, if not then you will need to identify and resolve the issue. Most likely the URL that is returned does not resolve or port 443 is not accessible.
  2. The BlackBerry services are running in a different account than the BlackBerryServer and BlackBerryServer_MailStoreProfiles profiles were created. The BlackBerry services will only call the profiles within the account that they are running.
  3. Proxy is installed on the ZCS Mailbox server that the ZCB connector is trying to access. The ZCB server can not access a mailbox through a proxy or to a Mailbox server that has proxy installed and running. This is do to bug 33179.
    • The workaround is to configure the BlackBerryServer_MailStoreProfiles and BlackBerryServer profiles to a mailbox server that does not have proxy configured and setting the zimbraMailMode on the Mailbox server to both. The Mailbox server should be allowed to connect directly to the Mailstore via port 443 and 8443
  4. The account that was used to create a BlackBerryServer_MailStoreProfiles and BlackBerryServer profiles is not a Global admin account. At this time we have not identified a Domain Admin account that has the correct rights to allow the BES admin to function correctly. Because of this, you will need to use a Global admin to create the profiles.

BES In Proxy Environment

The following wiki will guide you on configuring your system in a proxy environment:

Microsoft Visual C++ Debug Library : Debug Assertion Failed Error

If you experience a Microsoft Visual C++ Debug Library: Debug Assertion Failed!, you could have issues with the BlackBerryServer profile. The following wiki will guide you through the steps to resolve the issue

The #.MAGT.#.log Is Reporting That It's Unable To Resolve Users

The following is an example of the error :

[30337] (06/13 20:26:18.177):{0x12AC} MAPIMailbox::MAPIMailbox - ResolveName[1] failed for 
    DisplayName='John Smith', trying method #2
[40327] (06/13 20:26:18.177):{0x12AC} ResolveName: Found in resolve 
    failed cache
[30337] (06/13 20:26:18.177):{0x12AC} MAPIMailbox::MAPIMailbox - ResolveName[2] failed 
    forDisplayName='', trying method #3
[40327] (06/13 20:26:18.177):{0x12AC} ResolveName: Found john.smith@domain.comin  resolve 
    failed cache
[30024] (06/13 20:26:18.177):{0x12AC} MAPIMailbox::MAPIMailbox - ResolveName[3] failed for 
    DisplayName='John Smith', giving up

An issue that occurs with Office Service Pack 2, is that the GAL is removed from the "When sending mail, check names using these address list in the following order:" field within any profiles address books. This issue can occur with any patch to Outlook after SP2 has been installed and can prevent sync with the device. The following are the steps to verify and resolve the issue.

  1. Stop BlackBerry Controller service
  2. Within the BlackBerryServer, go to Tools => Address Book=> Tools => Option
  3. Add the GAL to "When sending mail, check names using these address list in the following order:"
  4. Then restart the controller.

Missing GAL Or Missing Contact Within The GAL

Missing GAL

If after configuring the system and the BlackBerry Manager is missing the GAL but the BlackBerryServer_MailStoreProfile contains a full GAL, you will need to force a GAL sync within the BlackBerryManager UI.

You can do this by selecting the following:

BlackBerry Solutions Topology, which is under Servers and Components => BlackBerry Domain => Component View => Email => Refresh Available User List From Company Directory

Error When Trying Refresh Available User List From Company Directory

If you get an error message when trying to "Refresh Available User List From Company Directory" then there is an issue with accessing the BlackBerryServer_MailStoreProfile. If you just restarted the BlackBerry Controller service, you may need to provide time for the service to start completely. If the service is not running, the system will not be able to load the directory. If the BlackBerry Controller service has been running and your are receiving an error, then their could be an issue or corruption with the BlackBerryServer_MailStoreProfile. You will need to stop the BlackBerry Controller service, and try to access the BlackBerryServer_MailStoreProfile. You also could try deleting then recreating the BlackBerryServer_MailStoreProfile profile.

Missing An Address

If the BlackBerryServer_MailStoreProfile is missing an address, you can force a GAL sync by preforming the following:

Start => Run => zcologctl => Force GAL sync

Gal Sync Defaults

The ZCB connector default full GAL Sync is every 7 days.

A delta GAL sync is done ever 30 minutes.

System Just Stopped Syncing

Some issues that could cause the system to just stop syncing are:

  1. If windows auto-updates occurs and updates Outlook, the update will replace the customize dll's. To resolve this you will need to run repair within the add/remove for the ZCB connector. Also if you repair Outlook, you will need to repair the connector after Outlook has been repaired
  2. Corrupted ZDB files. ZDB files are slightly customized PST files and can be corrupted if more than one applications access them at once. The most common applications that can call these files other than the ZCB connector are virus, backup, system monitoring applications, and window search. We recommend disabling these or excluding the folder that contains the ZDB files.
    • If the files are corrupted, you can run the scanpst.exe against the ZDB files to resolve the corruption. The default location for scanpst.exe is:
      • \Program Files\Microsoft Outlook\Office12\Scanpst.exe
  3. If you are running with ZCS 6.0.3 or higher and ZCB 5.0.24 or higher, you now can recreate the profiles without re-provisioning the device. In the newer releases, we now keep the device ID in the users profile on the server.
    • You can view this by going into the users account and selecting:
      • Preferences => Mobile Device and view the device, device ID and status.
    • You can delete a delegated mailbox by doing the following:
      • Stopping the BlackBerry Controller service,
      • Start => Control Panel => Mail => Show Profiles => Select BlackBerryServer profiles => Properties => Data Files =>
      • locate the Profiles you wish to recreate, then select Remove.
      • Restart the BlackBerry Controller service.
    • When recreating a ZDB file for a user who has an ID within their profile, the ZDB file will use the existing ID, which will match the ID within the mysql database of the BlackBerry Server. Because of this the new profile will preserve the device activation information. If the user removes the device from the mobile list or the MySql database becomes corrupted and no Mysql database backups are available for restore, then you will need to re-provision the account, wipe the device/s and re-sync the account/s.

Disk Space Issue

To allow the ZCB connector the ability to emulate an exchange server, we will need to sync 30 days of messages, primary calendar and contacts for the accounts that are provisioned in BlackBerry Manager. We do this by creating a delegated profile within the BlackBerryServer profile. If an account provision is deleted within the BlackBerry Manager, the delegated profile will be removed from the BlackBerryServer profile, but the delegated files will not be deleted within the folder that contains the ZDB files. To free space, the BES Admin will need to go into the profile folder, identify the profiles no longer being used and remove them manually.

If you ran the scanpst.exe utility to repair a ZDB file, the utility allows you to backup the ZDB file before repairing the active file. We recommend removing the backup files after insuring that the repair was successful to free space.

The BlackBerry Manager and ZCB logging can take significant space. The BlackBerry Manager logging creates a new directory each day for it's logs. These logs do not get removed and will consume more and more disk space the longer the system runs. The ZCB logs can quickly consume disk space, it is recommended to only run the ZCB logs when Zimbra Support requests to troubleshoot an issue. If you desire to have the logging running, please point it to it's own drive, so it will not interferer with the server, if the drive becomes 100% filled

You can verify if ZCB logging is enabled by:

Start => Run => zcologctl

Password Change to Global Admin Account

For some environments it is required to change the password to all accounts every know an then. If you change the password to the besadmin account that is used to create the profiles, then you will need to update the passwords to the profiles by selecting:

  • Start => Control Panel => Mail => Show Profiles => Select profile => Properties => Data Files =>
    • Select default profile => settings => change the password.


When an account is provisioned a delegated account will be added within the BlackBerryServer profile. If you monitor the folder that contains the ZDB files, you should see a ZDB file created for the user with a size of 264 kb. When the account starts syncing, the size of the ZDB will grow. We recommend waiting until the account is fully sync before activating the account.

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