BES Installation Issues

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BES Installation Issues

BES Installation Issues Home Page

Please see BES_Installation_Issues

ZCB Installation Fails

The most common installation problems are due to the deviation from the step by step installation instructions outlined by the ZimbraBESConnector PDF Guide or from deviation from the installation prerequisites. Please verify that the installation process is started with none of the prerequisite software installed and that all user applications are closed before starting the installation process for ZCB. Then verify that the steps are followed in the order they are given.

If there are still problems with the installation, the installer can be run in verbose mode to generate debug logs. These logs can be sent to Zimbra support for analysis. To run the installer in verbose mode, run the following command in the folder where the installer file (this has an .msi extension) is located.

 msiexec /i [msi-filename] /lv [output log file path name] 

For example, the following command will launch the zcb_beta3.msi installer in verbose mode, and will output the verbose logs to out.txt in the current directory. msiexec /i zcb_beta3.msi /lv out.txt

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