Automation: how to change all users's individual signatures

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Zimbra Automation

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Zimbra automation using scripting.

How to change users's individual signatures based on their ldap attributes globally


The purpose of this article is to show how to create a simple script which, can modify every user's signature globally, based on their ldap attribute values in ldap.


For the purpose we will use two scripts. In the process I will explain why combining the two scripts into one will not work.

Script 1

     for i in `/opt/zimbra/bin/zmprov -l gaa`  
       echo -ne "Checking account: $i \t"
       $path/zmprov ma $i zimbraPrefMailSignatureEnabled TRUE
       signature=`$path/zmprov ga $i | egrep "(^cn|^ou|^company|^street|^telephoneNumber|^mobile|^title)" | cut -d : -f 2 | sed 's/^\ //g'`
       $path/zmprov ma $i zimbraPrefMailSignature "$signature"
       echo "done!"

  • The first script does the following:
set the default path to zmprov.
sets the zimbraPrefMailSignatureEnabled attribute to TRUE.
sets a variable called signature.
assigns to this variable different attribute values, that are assign to that user in LDAP. In this example: (^cn|^ou|^company|^street|^telephoneNumber|^mobile|^title). The attributes can be changed as per the admin needs.
the last line modifies the account, as it writes the values from LDAP to the signature of the user.

Script 2


    for i in `/opt/zimbra/bin/zmprov -l gaa`  
       echo -ne "Adding SignatureID to account: $i \t"

       signatureid=`$path/zmprov ga $i zimbraSignatureId | sed -n '2p' | cut -d : -f 2 | sed 's/^\ //g'`
       $path/zmprov ma $i zimbraPrefDefaultSignatureId "$signatureid"
       $path/zmprov ma $i zimbraPrefForwardReplySignatureId "$signatureid"
       echo "done!"

  • The second script:
assigns a value to the zimbraSignatureId attribute.
assigns the value from zimbraSignatureId, to the zimbraPrefDefaultSignatureId attribute.
assigns the value from zimbraSignatureId, to the zimbraPrefForwardReplySignatureId attribute.

Where are these values in AdminUI

In the below photo we have two color rectangles, one green and one red . The first script is concerned with editing the values in the green and the second script is changing the values within the red rectangle.


It is important to know that even if we run the first script and the values for the signature are entered, the signature will not be active unless we modify the values in the red rectangle.

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