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[i18ncheck] Target file: AjxMsg_ru.properties
[i18ncheck]   5 Missing - source key not present in target
[i18ncheck]     formatCalHour
[i18ncheck]     listSeparator
[i18ncheck]     listSeparatorLast
[i18ncheck]     timezoneNameAuto-DetectedLong
[i18ncheck]     timezoneNameAuto-DetectedShort
[i18ncheck]   11 Duplicate - target value identical to source
[i18ncheck]     ago
[i18ncheck]     dateParsing2DigitStartYear
[i18ncheck]     formatCalDate
[i18ncheck]     formatCalDateFull
[i18ncheck]     formatCalDateLong
[i18ncheck]     formatCalDay
[i18ncheck]     formatCalMonth
[i18ncheck]     formatDateMediumNoYear
[i18ncheck]     xformDateTimeFormat
[i18ncheck]     xformRepeatAdd
[i18ncheck]     xformRepeatRemove
[i18ncheck]   4 Obsolete - target key not present in source
[i18ncheck]     first
[i18ncheck]     fourth
[i18ncheck]     last
[i18ncheck]     third
[i18ncheck]   Summary: 95 source, 5 missing, 11 duplicate, 4 obsolete, approx 83% complete
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