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Attention.png - This article is NOT official Zimbra documentation. It is a user contribution and may include unsupported customizations, references, suggestions, or information.

A brief over view on moving Zimbra from one VM to another VM using a different OS.

Note - Please read through Ajcody-Notes-Server-Move first since details are there for various steps mentioned below.

Setup a new disk partition for the PROD vm to use and then rsync the data to it [locally] on PROD. And then, reuse that underlying partitions on a new RHEL vm image?

  1. Create new partition for PROD vm
  2. Mount new partition under PROD - /opt/zimbra-temp
  3. Start a rsync between /opt/zimbra and /opt/zimbra-temp
  4. Schedule short downtime window to
    • Shutdown zcs on PROD
    • Do a final rsync between /opt/zimbra and /opt/zimbra-temp
  5. Reconfigure mounts and directory paths
    • mv /opt/zimbra /opt/zimbra-old
    • Adjust /etc/fstab to mount /opt/zimbra-temp to now be /opt/zimbra
    • Remount new partition under /opt/zimbra now
  6. Start zimbra and confirm it works


  1. Build new RHEL vm image that will be able to use the /opt/zimbra partition from PROD
  2. Install ZCS of same version that is on PROD but for RHEL version your using [./install.sh -s]
  3. Shutdown RHEL image
  4. Schedule downtime on prod
  5. Shutdown zcs on prod , unconfigure /etc/fstab to NOT use /opt/zimbra partition and unconfigured VM properties for that image to no longer use that /opt/zimbra disk image . As a precaution, you could configure the PROD image to use another hostname/ip -- just incase someone boots in later, you don't want it to effect the new server.
  6. You might need to use the VM tools about moving the /opt/zimbra disk image partition to be under the image directory for the RHEL image
  7. Boot the RHEL image
  8. Shutdown zcs if it attempted to run via init.d
  9. Configured RHEL image to now use the /opt/zimbra disk partition image . You could also adjust the ip & hostname on this image to use PRODS now.
  10. Configure /etc/fstab to mount the /opt/zimbra parition
  11. Move the basic zcs install directory - mv /opt/zimbra /opt/zimbra-old ; mkdir /opt/zimbra with correct perms
  12. Mount /opt/zimbra
  13. Continue with the server move wiki steps after all the rsync stuff was done.
    • Way down at the bottom of the wiki:
      • [steps 3 - 6, mostly at the end of step 4]
        • On NEWHOST as ROOT, rerun the installer without the -s option
        • ./install.sh
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