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===Outlook 2011 For Mac And EWS Setup With Screenshots===
{{WIP}}===Outlook 2011 For Mac And EWS Setup With Screenshots===

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Outlook 2011 For Mac And EWS Setup With Screenshots

Follow these steps to set up Outlook to sync using Exchange Web Services:

  • Open Outlook.
  • Open the Outlook menu and select Preferences.


  • Click the Accounts icon under the Person Settings section.


  • Click the Exchange icon which will open a new window.
  • Enter your email address in the E-mail address field.
  • Set the Method to "User Name and Password."
  • Enter your full email address (e.g. user@example.com) as the username.
  • Enter your password in the password field.
  • Uncheck the "Configure automatically" check-box.
  • In the Server field, enter Zimbra Collaboration Server's hostname - (e.g. mail.example.com)
  • Click Add Account.


  • CLick continue if you get the certificate warning besides your using self-signed certificates


  • If you now review your account details [Advanced button], you'll see three available tabs like the following below.
    • Note, if you end up customizing the other elements be aware of the following:
      • ZimbraEWS uses BASIC Auth for validating the user request.





  • Now that Outlook is configured, it should start syncing with your ZCS server. You can see the current status of your 'sync' stat in the lower right corner of Outlook. Here's some examples of the various sync state messages.





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