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Server Move Notes

Actual Server Move Home Page

Please see: Ajcody-Notes-ServerMove

Server Move To Same Platform (32/64bit) And OS Type & Version


1. Both servers are of the same chip type - 32bit or 64bit.

A. Moves to a new chip set require modifications - 32 to 64. Please see:


2. This article makes the assumption your moving to the same OS type & version. For example, your PROD machine is running RHEL4-64bit. So your new machine would be running the same and brought to the same patch level as well.

3. New server is setup with the same HOSTNAME information as PROD but it will use a different IP until PROD can be shutoff/reconfigured (if needed)

4. SAME AMOUNT OF MEMORY If your moving from 32bit to 32bit and the new system has more than 4GB of memory and the older one didn't you will most likely need to adjust mailboxd_java_heap_memory_percent . This problem will show up as the mailbox stop starting and /opt/zimbra/log/zmmailboxd.out logging errors about JVM memory heap. Try the following:

su - zimbra
zmlocalconfig -e mailboxd_java_heap_memory_percent=25
zmmailboxdctl restart

Preparing NEWHOST Server

1. Install Newer (supported) Operating System that matches PROD

2. Set up newer ZCS Server’s Hostname as it was on the older server

3. Configure BIND locally on NEWHOST to handle resolution issues (A, MX, etc.)

A. On NEWHOST confirm /etc/hosts , /etc/resolv.conf

4. Download EXACT version that your PROD is using.

A. http://www.zimbra.com/products/downloads.html

B. http://www.zimbra.com/products/downloads_previous.html

5. On NEWHOST as ROOT: Run the installer with the -s option:

./install.sh -s

6. On NEWHOST as Root: Remove the dummy install:

rm -rf /opt/zimbra ; mkdir /opt/zimbra

A. This tells the installer to only install the software, and not to configure the installation.

Sync PROD Data While PROD Is Still In Production Use

1. First initial sync of PROD to NEWHOST

A. on PROD as Root

nice +19 rsync -avz -e ssh --progress /opt/zimbra/ root@NEWHOSTIP:/opt/zimbra

2. Sync daily until schedule downtime is available

A. On PROD as Root

nice +19 rsync -avz -e ssh --progress /opt/zimbra/ root@NEWHOSTIP:/opt/zimbra

The Big Day - PROD Downtime For Switch

1. Shut down Zimbra on PROD


su - zimbra
zmcontrol stop

2. Last rsync of PROD to NEWHOST

A. On Prod as ROOT

nice -20 rsync -avz -e ssh --delete --progress /opt/zimbra/ root@NEWHOSTIP:/opt/zimbra

 3. Fix permissions on NEWHOST


run zmfixperms located in /opt/zimbra/libexec

4. Install of Zimbra on NEWHOST

A. On NEWHOST as ROOT, rerun the installer without the -s option


B. It will detect ZCS already installed, and ask if you want to upgrade. Select Yes.

Reference wiki for instructions


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