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====HA-Linux How-To For Testing And Educational Use====
====HA-Linux How-To For Testing And Educational Use====
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HA-Linux How-To For Testing And Educational Use

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Actual HA-Linux How-To For Testing And Educational Use Homepage

Please see Ajcody-Notes-HA-Linux-How-To

Motive Behind How-To

I hope this gives an easy way to setup through some clustering concepts for an administrator to gain some real-world experience when they currently have none. I plan on walking through each "function" that is behind clustering rather than jumping to an end setup (Linux-HA, Shared Storage, And Zimbra).

The structure will be:

  • Setup two machines (physical or virtual)
    • Emphasis physical hostname / ip vs. the hostname and ip address that will be for HA.
  • Setup virtual hostname and ip address for HA.
    • Explain and do ip failover between the two machines.
  • Setup a disk mount, we'll use probably use a nfs export from a third machine.
    • This will give us an example of expanding the HA conf files to move beyond the ip address failover.
    • Adjust HA conf's to now export via nfs a local directory from each server. This will not be a shared physical disk of course.
  • Setup a shared disk between the two servers and include it in the HA conf files.
    • Can use drbd or maybe figure out a way to share a virtual disk between the two vm's.
  • Setup a very simple application to include between the two machines. Something like apache or cups.
  • Go back and now readjust all variables between monitoring type (automatic) failover and simple manually initiated.

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