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Actual Logging Homepage

Please see Ajcody-Logging


Syslog Items

tail /etc/syslog.conf
local0.*                -/var/log/zimbra.log
auth.*                  -/var/log/zimbra.log
mail.*                -/var/log/zimbra.log

Restarting syslog

/etc/init.d/syslog restart

Where's It All Go?

Any stacktrace files will have the process id of the JVM appended to the filename.

In all releases 5.0.x and 4.5.x, this is the main mailbox application log:

  • /opt/zimbra/log/mailbox.log

In ZCS 5.0.x, the JVM output log and stacktrace files will be in /opt/zimbra/log/:

  • /opt/zimbra/log/zmmailboxd.out (jvm output log)
  • /opt/zimbra/log/stacktrace.<pid>

Meaning, changes to /opt/zimbra/conf/log4j.properties.in

Log Rotation and Removal

Please look at the output of your crontab - AS ZIMBRA, look for the "Log pruning" line.

crontab -l

And also the config files for logrotate:



What's up with all the logs?

Logging page resources:






The Bread And Butter Logs

/opt/zimbra/log/mailbox.log - This log is a mailboxd log4j server log containing the logs from the mailbox server. This includes the mailbox store, LMTP server, IMAP and POP servers, and Index server.

/opt/zimbra/log/zmmailbox.out - Mailstore not coming up and nothing is being logged in mailbox.log, check here for errors.

/var/log/zimbra.log - The Zimbra syslog details the activities of the Zimbra MTA (Postfix, amavisd, antispam, antivirus), Logger, Authentication (cyrus-sasl), and Directory (OpenLDAP). By default LDAP activity is logged to Zimbra.log.

/opt/zimbra/db/data/YOURHOSTNAME.err - This is the message store database error log.


Logging Increase

Depending on the ZCS version the below will clear all the per account loggers on zimbra reboot. IMAP is used for these examples.

zmprov aal user@domain.com zimbra.imap debug
zmprov ral user@domain.com zimbra.imap

If you want to do it globally edit /opt/zimbra/conf/log4j.properties.in (add a line at the end that's similar but like log4j.logger.zimbra.imap=DEBUG). No restart of any service is needed.

Log4J Variables

"zimbra.misc" logger. For all events that don't have a specific-catagory.

"zimbra.index" logger. For indexing-related events.

"zimbra.index.lucene" logger. For logging of low-level lucene operations (debug-level only)

"zimbra.searchstat" logger. For logging statistics about what kinds of searches are run

"zimbra.redolog" logger. For redolog-releated events.

"zimbra.lmtp" logger. For LMTP-related events.

"zimbra.smtp" logger. For SMTP-related events.

"zimbra.nio" logger. For NIO-related events.

"zimbra.imap" logger. For IMAP-related events.

"zimbra.imap" logger. For POP-related events.

"zimbra.mailbox" logger. For mailbox-related events.

"zimbra.calendar" logger. For calendar-related events.

"zimbra.im" logger. For instant messaging-related events.

"zimbra.account" logger. For account-related events.

"zimbra.gal" logger. For account-related events.

"zimbra.ldap" logger. For ldap-related events.

"zimbra.security" logger. For security-related events

"zimbra.soap" logger. For soap-related events

"zimbra.test" logger. For testing-related events

"zimbra.sqltrace" logger. For tracing SQL statements sent to the database

"zimbra.dbconn" logger. For tracing database connections

"zimbra.perf" logger. For logging performance statistics

"zimbra.cache" logger. For tracing object cache activity

"zimbra.filter" logger. For filter-related logs.

"zimbra.session" logger. For session- and notification-related logs.

"zimbra.backup" logger. For backup/restore-related logs.

"zimbra.system" logger. For startup/shutdown and other related logs.

"zimbra.sync" logger. For sync client interface logs.

"zimbra.synctrace" logger. For sync client interface logs.

"zimbra.syncstate" logger. For sync client interface logs.

"zimbra.wbxml" logger. For wbxml client interface logs.

"zimbra.extensions" logger. For logging extension loading related info.

"zimbra.zimlet" logger. For logging zimlet related info.

"zimbra.wiki" logger. For wiki and document sharing.

"zimbra.op" logger. Logs server operations

"zimbra.dav" logger. Logs dav operations

"zimbra.io" logger. Logs file IO operations.

"zimbra.datasource" logger. Logs data source operations.

remote management.

public static final Log rmgmt = LogFactory.getLog("zimbra.rmgmt");

"zimbra.webclient" logger. Logs ZimbraWebClient servlet and jsp operations.

"zimbra.scheduler" logger. Logs scheduled task operations.

"zimbra.store" logger. Logs filesystem storage operations.

"zimbra.fb" logger. Logs free/busy operations.

"zimbra.purge" logger. Logs mailbox purge operations.

"zimbra.mailop" logger. Logs changes to items in the mailbox.

Web Client Logging

Debug (SOAP) via Browser

See http://wiki.zimbra.com/index.php?title=Web_Client_URL_Tricks&redirect=no

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