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Logger Issues

You might want to cross review these other sections as well:

Actual Logger Issues Homepage

Please see Ajcody-Logger-Issues

Logger Not Working Or No Stats In Admin Console

Check the following log files first to gather some information:

  • Make sure the /etc/hosts details make the actual hostname and the zmhostname output - if someone recently changed the hostname variables for this box, logger can be effected if done improperly and will not log the obvious issue.
  • /tmp/logprocess.out
  • /tmp/gengraphs.out
  • /opt/zimbra/logger/db/data/<hostname>.err
  • /var/log/zimbra/log (logswatch monitors this file)
    • grep'ing for things such as:
      •  egrep 'postfix|amavis|STATUS|DISK|QUEUE' /var/log/zimbra.log
  • You might also want to look at the following directory:
    • /opt/zimbra/logger/db/work/
    • You should see data in here, gif and rrd files.

Then proceed with the following wiki pages, as ordered:

Large Logger Database Killing Performance Of ZCS

Review the following to see what might be best option for you:

Reinitializing Logger Database From Scratch

This will effectively blow away your old logger database, allowing you to start over.

zmloggerctl stop
cd /opt/zimbra/logger/db

Remove the old database:

mv db db-old

or data , if db doesn't exist

mv data data-old

You can remove (rm -rf db or data) the directory if your not worried about old directory being perserved

Reinitialize a new logger database:


Logger is probably running after this, but to make sure

zmloggerctl start

You'll need to manually start this one though

zmlogswatchctl start

You'll have to allow some time to pass for there to be enough data for the graphs to be built in the web interface.

Turning Off Logger

To not have logger startup [ use `hostname` or type in hostname] :

zmprov ms `hostname` -zimbraServiceEnabled logger

To manually shutdown logger

zmloggerctl stop

Customization Or Modification Of Swatch Config

The swatch config file is :


If you make a customization, you'll need to do the following for it to take effect:

zmlogswatchctl stop
zmlogswatchctl start
zmswatchctl stop
zmswatchctl start
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