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Logger Issues

You might want to cross review these other sections as well:

Actual Logger Issues Homepage

Please see Ajcody-Logger-Issues

Logger Not Working Or No Stats In Admin Console

Check the following log files first to gather some information:

  • Make sure the /etc/hosts details make the actual hostname and the zmhostname output - if someone recently changed the hostname variables for this box, logger can be effected if done improperly and will not log the obvious issue.
  • /tmp/logprocess.out
  • /tmp/gengraphs.out
  • /opt/zimbra/logger/db/data/<hostname>.err
  • /var/log/zimbra/log (logswatch monitors this file)
    • grep'ing for things such as:
      •  egrep 'postfix|amavis|STATUS|DISK|QUEUE' /var/log/zimbra.log
  • You might also want to look at the following directory:
    • /opt/zimbra/logger/db/work/
    • You should see data in here, gif and rrd files.

Then proceed with the following wiki pages, as ordered:

Large Logger Database Killing Performance Of ZCS

Review the following to see what might be best option for you:

Reinitializing Logger Database From Scratch

This will effectively blow away your old logger database, allowing you to start over.

zmloggerctl stop
cd /opt/zimbra/logger/db

Remove the old database:

mv db db-old

or data , if db doesn't exist

mv data data-old

You can remove (rm -rf db or data) the directory if your not worried about old directory being perserved

Reinitialize a new logger database:


Logger is probably running after this, but to make sure

zmloggerctl start

You'll need to manually start this one though

zmlogswatchctl start

Turning Off Logger

To not have logger startup [ use `hostname` or type in hostname] :

zmprov ms `hostname` -zimbraServiceEnabled logger

To manually shutdown logger

zmloggerctl stop

Customization Or Modification Of Swatch Config

The swatch config file is :


If you make a customization, you'll need to do the following for it to take effect:

zmlogswatchctl stop
zmlogswatchctl start
zmswatchctl stop
zmswatchctl start
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