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General Notes

Actual General Notes Homepage

Please see Ajcody-General-Notes

Details On What's Supported

Please review the following:


And if you have your support portal account (Network Edition Customers), login and read the pdf url's on the left side called "Support Program Plan". I would like to specifically mention the section under "Exclusions", called "Reasonable Use Policy".

As of 12 August 2008, it says:

Requests that are excluded from support include but are not limited to: performing initial installs of customer systems, performing migrations, performing upgrades of customer systems, performing configuration changes to add or remove servers or services, and testing a customer’s system. Zimbra Professional Services may be available to assist with these projects.

Bugzilla And Why It Matters

Bugzilla is a critical tool for our customers and those that ignore it do so at their own peril. Well, that was a little over the top but you should learn to use bugzilla. Here's some basics to get you started.

Create Bugzilla Account

This is open to anyone. It's not tied to your Network Edition support id.


Recommended Saved Searches

Once you've login in, let's create a search that will find bugs that have your email in the CC: field.


Decided if you want to adjust the highlighted items under "Status:".

Under "Email Addresses, Bug Numbers, and Votes", have only the "a CC list member" checked. The "contains" field should then include your email address.

Then click on "Search" at the bottom.

Scroll down to the bottom of the search results window and in the field for "Remember Search as" put in "My CC's". Click on the "Remember search" button.

These saved search configurations will now show up towards the bottom of the bugzilla windows. They can be reconfigured or deleted under your Preferences > Saved Searches.

When you have a support case and the issue is tied back to a bug or RFE, it will be crossed linked within bugzilla and our case management tool. Once you know the bug/RFE number, add yourself to the CC: field for it. In my opinion, the case could be closed at this point because bugzilla will notify you of changes via email now. And if you have the saved CC search above, it will be easy for you to manage them as well.

My Saved Bugs

There is also a default saved search, "My Bugs". This is for the bug/RFE's you made.

Dos/Unix New Lines (License issues)

vi file and then

:set list

Confirm your not getting the ^M characters at the end.

Zimbra Variables

Ways to check on different zimbra variables.

su - zimbra
zmlocalconfig -i
zmlocalconfig -d
cd /opt/zimbra/conf/attrs
more zimbra-attrs.xml
cd /opt/zimbra/openldap/etc/openldap/schema/
more zimbra.schema

Zimbra Contact Fields For CSV Import Mapping

Please see /opt/zimbra/conf/zimbra-contact-fields.xml

This will show you what "fields" Zimbra is looking for and mapping to in regards to importing from another applications contact csv files.

One easy way to do this is the following:

  • From zimbra ajax client as a test user (or any old user) do an export Addressbook.
    • This is under the preference tab > Address Book > Import / Export > Export - select Addressbook and click Export button
  • Then open file file something like Excel
    • Your only interested in the Top line - that gives the default fields for a Zimbra Addressbook.
  • With your other Mail system, export the addressbook to a csv file.
    • Open this file in another Excel window.
  • Copy the column data from the one Excel sheet and paste it into the appropriate column within the Zimbra Excel sheet.
  • Move as much as you can and then save.
  • Now you can try importing this csv file back into Zimbra.
  • Either with the webclient or you can use some on the CLI commands
    • See User_Migration for variations of CLI commands that could be used.

What's My Server Like

To dump out your server details, these commands are useful.

zmprov gs yourdomainname
zmprov gacf

Another good document to review for "odd performance" issues is the large server wiki.


Restarting Jetty - ZCS 5+

As zimbra

zmmailboxdctl restart

Get Version From Ajax Client

Put the below in the search field of the Ajax client:


What's Compiled With Postfix

Do the following (return is from my test box):

postconf -m

REST Information

Resources to review

Format to get around permission denied on multi-domain hosting servers

If you getting permission denied rather than resource not found...try this format example:




I but both in case one issue is where the username has special characters, like the period.

Server Source Doc's

Please see:


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