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Ajcody Draft 8.8 Beta Landing Page

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|ZCS 8.8 Article ZCS 8.8

Upgrades To 8.8+ Where New Server Is Option

Upgrades To 8.8+ Where New Server Is NOT An Option - In-place Upgrades

DR With NG Tools

Missing Blob Issues

MariaDB Issues

Reparing MariaDB

Follows same method as described in Mysql_Crash_Recovery

Restoring Only MariaDB

Where Mailstore Service Is NOT On Server

Where LDAP Service Is Only On Server
LDAP MMR Being Used
LDAP Master-Slave or Single LDAP Being Used
Where Proxy Service Is Only On Server
Where MTA Service Is Only On Server

Where Mailstore Service Is On Server Or A Single ZCS Server Env

Using NG Backup's Real-Time Backup Directory
Using NG Backup's Export And Import Backup Option

NG Backup And Restore

Notable New Features Within NG Tools For Backup And Restore

Search within the backup

Backup Modes

Restore Modes

External Restore [1]
Item Restore [2]
BLOB Restore [3]
Restore on New Account [4]
Restore Deleted Account [5]
Undelete Restore [6]

zxsuite command descriptions

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