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* [[Ajcody-Draft-8.8-Beta-zxsuite-NG-full-help-description]]
* [[Ajcody-Draft-8.8-Beta-zxsuite-NG-full-help-description]]

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Ajcody Draft 8.8 Beta Landing Page

24px ‎  - This is Zeta Alliance Certified Documentation. The content has been tested by the Community.

|ZCS 8.8 Article ZCS 8.8

Upgrades To 8.8+ Where New Server Is Option

Upgrades To 8.8+ Where New Server Is NOT An Option - In-place Upgrades

DR With NG Tools

Using NG Backup's Real-Time Backup Directory

Using NG Backup's Export And Import Backup Option

NG Backup And Restore

zxsuite command descriptions

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