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== MTA / Postfix ==
== MTA / Postfix ==
[[AGibanelBtacticZimbra80XPostscreen|Zimbra 8.0.X Postscreen howto]]
[[AGibanelBtactic-Zimbra80X-Postscreen|Zimbra 8.0.X Postscreen howto]]

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This page holds a Table of Contents of all my pages.

Adrian Gibanel works at bTactic as I.T. manager. With more than 5 years of knowledge on Zimbra, sugarCRM, Virtualmin, Proxmox, Phplist, Virtualization, Php, Z-push. Not to forget about boot and GNU/Linux system rescue. bTactic is a Zimbra provider enterprise with more than 5 years of service. Among bTactic customers there are: Taurus, Natural Optics, Fribin, Cambra de Comerç de Lleida, Diari Segre, Consell Comarcal de l'Urgell or de Consell Comarcal de La Garrotxa, among more than 300 customers that currently work with Zimbra.

MTA / Postfix

Zimbra 8.0.X Postscreen howto

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