Addresses showing in autocomplete that aren't in GAL

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Addresses showing in autocomplete that aren't in GAL


Addresses showing in autocomplete that aren't in GAL.


  • When autocompleting, does the 'Forget' option show up? If so, click on that.
  • Check the address books under 'Contacts', including the 'Emailed Contacts' folder. If present here, delete them.
  • If it still shows up, it's probably in the ranking table. To confirm, run:
zmmailbox -z -m autoComplete -v jason

Where '' is the account, and 'jason' is the auto-complete entry.

If the output shows the entry in the ranking table, like so:

$ zmmailbox -z -m autoComplete -v jason

Ranking    type id fid display email
     16 rankingTable                <>
     10 rankingTable                <>

We'll have to reset the ranking table. To do so, run:

zmsoap -z -m RankingActionRequest/action @op=reset

Note: Please note that this will reset it for all the contacts in a user's account. There won't be any data loss, i.e., no contacts will be removed, only their ranking will be reset.

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