Adding SMS Email Gateways to ZmSMS Properties files

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Users can set up SMS notification phone numbers to be reminded of appointments and tasks. The Zimbra Web Client Preferences>Notification, Notifications By SMS section Region and Carrier menus lists the regions and carriers that are available.

ZmSMS properties files in the /opt/zimbra/jetty/webapps/zimbra/WEB-INF/classes/messages/ directory contain known SMS/email gateways of various telephone companies by region. You can add additional SMS/email gateway carriers that are specific to your region to these properties files.

Each carrier is identified by a key in the form of carrier_{carrierId}

where carrierId is represented by {regionId}_{carrierName}

Each carrier has a label and (optionally) an image, an email pattern, and hint text, specified by the .label, .image, .pattern, or .hint suffixes, respectively.

Example: carrier_UnitedStates_ATTWireless.pattern = {0}

To add a new carrier

1. SSH to the Zimbra server.

2. As zimbra, change directory to


3. Edit the file for the region that you want to add carriers.

4. At the end of the properties file, add the carrier names in the form carrier_{carrierId}.{label|image|pattern|hint}= Mail_to_SMSNumber

5. Restart the server.

zmcontrol restart

Note: When you upgrade ZCS, changes made to the files are lost. You should make a copy of the changed properties files before the upgrade and restore these files after the upgrade.

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