Add Disk Space To Zimbra Appliance

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After installing the Zimbra Appliance, add additional storage to the mailstore server for account data.

The recommended storage requirement is 2.5 times the user’s quota per account.

This allows for multiple file revisions.

Adding additional VMDKs for storage is done via the normal vSphere client process.

1.For a single server installation, select the Zimbra Appliance; for a multi server installation, select the mailstore server to add storage.

2. From Edit, click Add.

3. Select Hard Disk and click Next.

4. Select Create a new virtual disk. If you are using Raw Device Mapping (RDM), select Raw Device Mappings.

5. Select the provision format that is the same as the Zimbra Appliance virtual machine. Recommended is Thick Provision Eager Zero format. If you are deploying on fiber channel storage, this provides the best performance for the appliance.

6. Select Specify a datastore or datastore cluster.

7. Click Browse to select a datastore to create the virtual disk on.

8. Once you have added the appropriately sized VMDKs for your deployment, restart your Zimbra appliance virtual machine. The virtual appliance console indicates the volume group for the virtual appliance that is being increased.

9. Login to the storage virtual appliance and as root enter:

vgdisplay data_vg

This displays the volume group properties for the Zimbra mailstore server. Verify that the volume group size reflects the size of the added storage plus 12BG

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