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This article applies to the following ZCS versions.
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This zimlet will display in the Zimlet panel. Right-click on the zimlet and three menus items will be displayed. The first two menu items will fire action url events.

  • The first menu item will open a 300x300px canvas window.
  • The second menu item will open a window as determined by the Zimlet framework.

User properties of various types (string, password, number, date, boolean & enum) are defined. The zimlet uses the "my_test_username" property as a parameter to the action url in the second menu item. The user properties are set by double-clicking on the panel item to present the Property Editor dialog.

The Zimlet ZIP Package contains only one file: the Zimlet Definition File.

Screen Shot


Definition File

<zimlet name="com_zimbra_example_panelitemprops" version="1.0" description="Demos panel item with menus and user properties in XML">
	<zimletPanelItem label="Test Panel Item with Props">
			<menuItem label="Test menu 1.0" id="TEST_MENU_SOME_ID1">
				<canvas type="window" width="300" height="300" />
				<actionUrl method="get" target="http://www.yahoo.com" />
			<menuItem label="Test menu 2.0" id="TEST_MENU_SOME_ID2">
				<actionUrl method="get" target="http://finance.yahoo.com">
					<param name="whatismyparam">${prop.my_test_username}</param>
		<property type="string" label="Your username" name="my_test_username" />
		<property type="password" label="Your password" name="my_test_password" />
		<property type="number" label="Your ID number" name="my_test_id_num" />
		<property type="date" label="Delivery Date" name="my_test_delivery_date" />
		<property type="boolean" label="Priority?" name="my_test_priority" />
		<property type="enum" label="Shapes" name="my_test_shapes">
			<item label="Square" value="square"/>
			<item label="Circle" value="circle"/>
			<item label="Rectangle" value="rectangle"/>


Zimlet Package com_zimbra_example_panelitemprops.zip

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