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This article applies to the following ZCS versions.
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This zimlet will match the words lab, user or remodel and display a tool tip. On mouse right-click, a menu is presented. Each menu item will launch a website.

The Zimlet ZIP Package contains the Zimlet Definition File and a JavaScript file. The two menu items are defined using <menuItem>. The a zimlet menuitems.js JavaScript file is included with <include>menuitems.js</include>. The zimlet Handler Object is defined with <handlerObject>com_zimbra_menuitemsjsHandlerObject</handlerObject>.

When a menu item is selected, the zimlet Handler Object menuItemSelected(itemId) method is called and passes the menu item id, as specified in the definition file (either "SOME_MENU_ITEM_ID1" or "SOME_MENU_ITEM_ID2").

Screen Shot


Definition File

<zimlet name="com_zimbra_example_menuitemsjs" version="1.0" description="Demos menu item with actions in JS">
	<regex attrs="ig">lab|user|remodel</regex> <!-- matches lab or user or remodel -->
	<toolTip>Menu Items Example</toolTip> <!-- the tool tip to display when content matches -->
	  <menuItem label="First Context Menu Item - Go to Yahoo!" icon="Search" id="SOME_MENU_ITEM_ID1" />
	  <menuItem label="Second Context Menu Item - Go to Yahoo! Sports" icon="NewContact" id="SOME_MENU_ITEM_ID2" />

JS File

 * This method gets called by the Zimlet framework when a context menu item is selected.
 * @param	itemId		the Id of selected menu item
com_zimbra_example_menuitemsjs_HandlerObject.prototype.menuItemSelected =
function(itemId) {
	switch (itemId) {
		window.open ("http://www.yahoo.com",
		window.open ("http://sports.yahoo.com",
		// do nothing



Zimlet Package com_zimbra_example_menuitemsjs.zip

Verified Against: Zimbra Collaboration Server 7.0 Date Created: 12/22/2009
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