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Mainly there are two ways to implement a Zimlet:

1. Use xml api

  1. You can do some of the basic stuffs using just xml-api.
  2. Limited set of features(e.g. you can’t design your own dialog box or create a Zimbra entity(like a folder, tag etc)
  3. No or limited debugging capabilities

An Example Zimlet using xml-api:

Hello World -Use XML-api to highlight "hello world" String as a link and show a tooltip.

2. Use JavaScript api

  1. You can write some really complex Zimlets with relative ease(after all the whole Zimbra is written in Javascript)
  2. Firebug provides you with world-class debugging power.
  3. You can still use xml api for some small purposes like creating a panel item, context-menus etc.

An Example Zimlet using JavaScript-api:

Develop an example RSS Zimlet -Learn how to fetch an RSS feed and display it in a mini-calendar area or in a dialog box

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